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DIY Standing Desk

I’ve been eye balling standing desks now for some time. As many of you know I work from my computer and having a great work environment is of the upmost importance to…


Why I bought and returned the

GoPro Hero4 Black Review First off, let me just state the kind of user I am in buying a GoPro, as I feel there are many different types of people…

Continental Divide-4

The Colorado Continental Divide

Saturday I took a short venture out on I-70 West to an intersection of the Colorado Continental Divide. Also the Trailhead of Grays and Torreys Peaks. I love living less than an…


Hiking In Colorado: Photos This Summer

Manitou Incline – Colorado Springs Mount Meeker – Rocky Mountain National Park Mount Bierstadt – Near Guanella Pass


SEO Explained: What is SEO and

Have you heard of the term SEO? Most people have who are a little savvy with the internet and/or marketing. I decided to write an SEO explained post because it…


Colorado’s Gym Memberships Are Free

Sometimes I forget what kind of state I live in. My Dad recently visited and I got to re-see Colorado through his eyes and in comparison to where he lives…

Lightining Over Denver Skyline

Lightning Over Denver Skyline

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Scandinavian Midsummer Festival: Estes Park

After punishing my legs Friday and almost all day Saturday (Flattop mountain run and Mount Meeker hike), I decided to use my legs again to walk around the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival and eat…

colorado trail runs

My Favorite Trail Food Recipes

We’ve all done it: packed your backpack way to full (50lbs for an overnight trip), woke up super early (and were upset Starbucks wasn’t even open yet), and maybe even started…

Overview of Manitou Incline.

28th Birthday Adventure Run (Manitou Springs

I made it, another trip around the sun. This last year has been my busiest one yet, and has somewhat pulled me away from the outdoors as I focus on…

Downtown Denver from the Lower Highlands

Recent Photography in LoHi – Denver

Sloan Lake + North of I-25 Walk Way Bridge   Like My Photography? I don’t just take pictures of birds, I do people – really really well, too. I am…

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The WordCamp Denver Weekend Ahead!

There are some weekend you just know are going to be great for contact building, networking, and most importantly, learning! WordCamp Denver is this weekend and I’m very excited to learn…

Union Station.

WordCamp Denver: What You Need To

(This is a re-blog from WordCamp Denver’s Site) The countdown to WordCamp Denver 2015 is on! The team here in the secret WordCamp lair is working very hard to get…


Cherry Creek Development

Many, many areas in Denver are experiencing very rapid growth and development. I’d have to say Cherry Creek is probably leading the way with all the new things going up…


7 Ways to Sample Living With

Clothes. According to statistics, we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. This means that a lot of us have closets filled with clothes that people no longer…