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I was informed about Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary through some Real Estate Agents I’ve worked with – Sasha and Sarka at Modern Prestige RE.

This past Spring, they not only donated their money, but time in going to visit some of the animals at Luvin Arms:

There are a few Real Estate agents who will donate their money. Most Real Estate Agents do pretty well and a few hundred dollars here and there isn’t much to even think about.

I think the real investment here is the time. Most people will just donate and then move on with their day. To invest both money and time really says a lot about the kind of people that Sasha and Sarka are.

I’m glad to both know and get the opportunity to work for these great humans. They’ve inspired me to donate myself.

I’ll be making a visit to my friend, Niblet, who I’m happy to sponsor later this month.

Meet Niblet (the white one):

Photo curtesy of Animal Sanctuary

Thanks for taking the time to read and I encourage you to not only donate your money, but also your time. I feel that giving is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do with your time and money.

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