The best take-a-ways (and photos) from Traffic and Conversion 2019

Welcome home, said Ryan Deiss to the 8,000+ Marketers in the room after his always powerful opening keynote to Traffic and Conversion Summit 2019. And it really is starting to feel like home. Not just Traffic and Conversion Summit, but any handful of these Digital Marketing Conferences that I’ve been going to a lot more of… View Article

Why Everyone Should Charge More

Have you ever wanted or needed a service, only to checkout the pricing structure and realize it was totally out of the price range you were thinking (or hoping) it would be? Why do some Consultants charge $2,000 an hour and some charge $50? Regardless of the industry, one thing is for sure. Pricing can… View Article

Conference Recap: Traffic and Conversion Summit

In the increasing Digital world we live in now-a-days, it has really changed how we get around (uber), how we eat (grubhub), how we make meet people (, how we live! I also think that we are so digital, that we get to a certain point and then we want to go back to the… View Article

The $26k Mastermind, Sundance Film Festival, Digital Marketing is a Game

The 26k Mastermind. I’ve been very blessed to have been apart of Jeff Walker’s team the past year and a half. In being apart of the team, I some of the best perks a Growth Minded Digital Marketer could ever ask for. I get insights and to be apart of one of the best Masterminds… View Article

Investing in Myself, What Worked in 2018, and my Digital Marketing Predictions for 2019

Investing in Myself. I’ve been investing in myself for a while now. I’m not sure exactly what year it dates back to, but it’s always just felt like the right thing to do, even before I had my own business. Now, in having my own business, I invest in myself and my business a lot… View Article

Hiking Mount Quandary in the Winter

Mount Quandary is one of my favorite Colorado hikes to do in the Winter. It just so happens to be a 14’er, which makes it all that much more epic. Some reasons why I think it remains one of the best Winter 14’ers to summit are: Proximity to Denver (Less than a 2-hour drive from Denver)… View Article

The Holidays in Downtown Denver

Downtown Denver certainly offers a lot during the Holidays. Union Station, much like the City Council building, is all lit up and beautiful at night. Outside of Union Station, they have a market with tents now, as you can see in some photos below. Ice Skating at Skyline Park is just as busy as ever,… View Article

Digital Dealer 25th Anniversary – Las Vegas

I had the opportunity to visit Digital Dealer once again for my 2nd year in a row. I have worked as a Digital Marketer in the automotive industry for 5 years now and I’ve feeling quite confident with all areas of it – and going to conferences like Digital Dealer really help that. Anyone who… View Article

Conversations Conference 2018

I was on the edge about going to “Conversations Conference” 2018. We were just about to open cart for our massive annual Launch from the Internet Alchemy team I’m on, and this was right before that. However, I knew that Messenger Marketing is really the future of Digital Marketing in many ways, so I had to… View Article

Fall in Colorado

Fall is special in so many places. But it’s a different kind of special in colorful Colorado. Fall is my favorite time of the year. That used to be an easy, no-brainer choice in North Dakota and North Carolina (the two places I’ve lived beside Colorado). However, it’s a lot more difficult to choose a… View Article