My Morning Walking Route: Downtown Denver

Smart people walk. I want to be smart. Therefore, I walk. I recently decided I was going to start taking up long-distance running again. Like, marathons and stuff 😳. No, I’m not having a quarter-life crisis (that I know of). In fact, I have been running most of my life. I took some time off… View Article

The #WFH Setup of a [usually] Really Efficient Nerd

I’ve worked really hard to invest back into my business and get to use the tools that help make work a true joy every single day. COVID INSPIRING MY WORK FROM HOME SETUP It’s been a little while since I’ve last written. I know we’re all a bit out of routines now and the inconceivable… View Article

My Review: The Oura Ring

If you’re reading this post, you’ve more than likely never heard of the Oura Ring. In summary. The Oura Ring helps you track your sleep better. But, it does so much more than that… The Oura Ring goes around one of your fingers. Most people wear it like a wedding ring. This is one of… View Article

RiNo Breweries: Our Mutual Friend

It’s a known fact, Denver is a beer city and Colorado is a beer state. With 61 breweries, there are no shortages of options. And, quality options at that. In such a crowded market, how does one stand out? Well, it’s not very different than in other industries. You need to niche. Or at least,… View Article

Why Everyone Should Use TextExpander

Are you someone to take 2 steps backward in order to take 5 forward? I feel like most people would say “yes” there. However, I think most get stuck in either the execution phase (most often) and then some will not move forward because of being frugal with expenses.  The execution: With TextExpander, it isn’t… View Article

It was time for a change…

I recently had a pretty big change in my professional life. I decided to leave the Jeff Walker / Internet Alchemy team.  The main reason I’m not going to share on this blog…but let’s just say I needed to make more money and help out others.  As we all know, the way to truly make… View Article

San Francisco Trip: Hamilton, Alcatraz, Sausalito Cruise, and Pier 51 Sea Lions

It had been almost 6 years since I had last been to San Francisco. For a city as charming and delightful and San Francisco, that is too long. My girlfriend and I were looking to do a random fun trip. We like the West Coast a lot more than the East Coast. We were debating… View Article

What All Successful Entrepreneurs Have: Income Diversification

Chances are either you are or know someone who is an Entrepreneur. And if you are an actual Entrepreneur, chances are you have a lot of friends who are also Entrepreneurs. But did you notice what I said – “If you are an actual Entrepreneur.” Do you know why I said that? Lots of people call… View Article

Denver Chalk Art Festival 2019

Day 1 (Saturday) of Chalk Art Festival Here are some photos of the Annual Chalk Art Festival of 2019 in Downtown Denver, Colorado – on Larimer Square. (This seems to be the unofficial mark of Summer beginning in Denver): Click on photo for lightbox viewing with caption (all photos taken by Ryan with iPhone and… View Article

The Best Meditation App (For People With No Time To Meditate)

Everyone and their mother is talking about mediation now-a-days. It’s risen steadily over the past several years, but really taken off towards the end of last year and into this year: Now we could attribute this to the whole “new year new you” phase. But it’s still head steady so far this year and there… View Article