The Holidays in Downtown Denver.

Downtown Denver certainly offers a lot during the Holidays. Union Station, much like the City Council building, is all lit up and beautiful at night. Outside of Union Station, they have a market with tents now, as you can see in some photos below. Ice Skating at Skyline Park is just as busy as ever,… View Article

Hiking Mount Quandary in the Winter

Mount Quandary is one of my favorite Colorado hikes to do in the Winter. It just so happens to be a 14’er, which makes it all that much more epic. Some reasons why I think it remains one of the best Winter 14’ers to summit are: Proximity to Denver (Less than a 2-hour drive from Denver)… View Article

Digital Dealer 25th Anniversary – Las Vegas

I had the opportunity to visit Digital Dealer once again for my 2nd year in a row. I have worked as a Digital Marketer in the automotive industry for 5 years now and I’ve feeling quite confident with all areas of it – and going to conferences like Digital Dealer really help that. Anyone who… View Article

Conversations Conference 2018

I was on the edge about going to “Conversations Conference” 2018. We were just about to open cart for our massive annual Launch from the Internet Alchemy team I’m on, and this was right before that. However, I knew that Messenger Marketing is really the future of Digital Marketing in many ways, so I had to… View Article

Fall in Colorado

Fall is special in so many places. But it’s a different kind of special in colorful Colorado. Fall is my favorite time of the year. That used to be an easy, no-brainer choice in North Dakota and North Carolina (the two places I’ve lived beside Colorado). However, it’s a lot more difficult to choose a… View Article

A Visit To Durango

We had a team get together to map out our User Experience from a member of Jeff’s Mastermind – who made his hundreds of millions (literally) from showing large companies how to develop a user experience journey for their customers. While we weren’t working on that, I got a chance to get the “Durango Feel”…and… View Article

My Traffic and Conversion Summit Agenda!

I’m pretty exited about my first Traffic and Conversion Summit attendance! It’s one of the larger Digital Marketing conferences in the country – there will be no shortage of fantastic information going around in San Diego this weekend! As you all know who have been following me for some time, I’ll a lifelong student and put a… View Article

Mount Evans Views

Took my buddy, Josiah, on his birthday up to Mount Evans. We were going to take the ridgeline that connects Mount Evans to Mount Bierstadt (both 14ers), but we ran out of daylight because of the heavy weekend traffic up on Guanella Pass. Click on photo for lightbox viewing with caption (all photos taken by… View Article

Vacation to Hawaii

My girlfriend, Daniela, and I went to Hawaii for her friend’s wedding. We definitely made a trip out of it as who doesn’t when you go to a place like Hawaii?! From snorkeling to surfing, and almost getting into a lawsuit with a moped company – we really did it all there. (Long story, but… View Article

Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary

I was informed about Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary through some Real Estate Agents I’ve worked with – Sasha and Sarka at Modern Prestige RE. This past Spring, they not only donated their money, but time in going to visit some of the animals at Luvin Arms: There are a few Real Estate agents who will… View Article