It was time for a change…


I recently had a pretty big change in my professional life. I decided to leave the Jeff Walker / Internet Alchemy team. 

The main reason I’m not going to share on this blog…but let’s just say I needed to make more money and help out others. 

As we all know, the way to truly make money is by working for yourself. Think about it. If you are doing such a good job for others (making them more money), why would you spend more time making them rich? Nothing wrong with working for someone else…there are lots of reasons to work for someone else. But for me, and more other Digital Marketers, working for yourself if very lucrative. 


Those who can, do.

As Mark Cuban said, “I would rather make $60,000 per year working for myself instead of $90,000 for someone else.” 

Mark on Shark Tank Episode

I agree, for the most part. 

However, the change wasn’t fully to “do my own thing”… While I’m definitely working on that, the big change is to work in the Corporate world. Yes, the corporate world…

…but doesn’t that contradict working for someone who helps others escape the 9-5?  

Yes, it does – to a degree. However, for one…I still work largely remotely. Second, and the biggest reason is I’m challenged once again. 
The “Direct Response” world is a world for Copywriters. You can be sloppy in other areas of your marketing, but if your copy is off, so are your sales.


Craig Collins, master copywriter (formerly for Eben Pagen).

I’m not a Copywriter. While, everyone has to be to call themselves a Marketer. And, you’re still reading this…;) I’ve even spent a little time in Copy Chief – and learned from greats like Kevin Rogers, Brian Kurtz, etc… But no, I’m not a Copywriter. 

So in Digital Marketing, what is the opposite of the Direct Response/copywriting world? 



Traffic Think Tank Mastermind I Joined.

Search Engine Marketing is and always will be quite dry and literal. I used to be an SEO back in 2014-ish. But, no where near to the extent that I am now. I mean, I didn’t even know what crawl budget was 💁🏼‍♀️

Also, the type of Analyst and Measurement Marketer I am now, compared to when I was an SEO before is wildly different. 

I have some serious Measurement skills now. Which, is a serious prerequisite for serious SEO. (I’ve even started with SQL, APIs/Apps Script, and Python). 


Myself with some of the best Measurement Marketers around. Including Chris Mercer – founder of

This is a big (and fun) challenge for me. I absolutely love it. 

I think everyone should challenge themselves every few years. 

The why? I’m a MUCH better Marketer in stepping outside of the “Direct Response” world. Digital Marketing is broad. To be a seasoned Consultant (what I’m starting this year), you have to look at the full, multi-channel approach. 

P.S. Direct Response Marketers should take SEO into consideration. Facebook Ads are great…I even use them in B2B situations. But again, you can’t have all your eggs in one basket. 

I will say I’m very excited for what is next for me. What I’ve learned from Jeff Walker and the Internet Alchemy team has changed me as a Marketer forever. You really can’t get that kind of knowledge or insights anywhere else – you best believe I am going to apply it and use it in building out my own system and Consulting business.

Before I go head first into that – I, for the first time in a long time have a full week off. A sight rarely seen in my calendar…and I’m going to use it to seriously re-charge and get inspired once again. 👇🏻👇🏻

First week all year I’ve had off!

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