Downtown Denver Bar Video Production

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at 2016.04.15


Group production I was apart of at Rewind Lounge in Lower Downtown (LoDo), Denver. I was in charge of the “A” roll for the sister restaurant company that shares the building space with Rewind Lounge. I created the custom thumbnails for both videos, too.

Most importantly, I'll be involved in the advertisement strategy with these videos. I'll be assisting in the YouTube strategy, and leading the Facebook Ads strategy.

What's the point of making a high quality video if it doesn't hit the target markets you want it to hit?

The reason I call myself a consultant/strategist and not just a producer is due to my versatility. It has taken me longer to learn the craft of producing a high quality video – both in the on scene production and off scene post production. A lot of time has gone into perfecting that craft.

In the last few years I've been very focused on the marketing side of things – What's the strategy after the video is done? And, how can we turn viewers into leads for the businesses owners.

Enter my new company: Elevated Conversions. 🙂

I look forward to sharing more of my work, answering questions, and providing more value from random topics on this personal blog of mine.

If you are interested in learning more about my consulting services for your business, I'd be happy to talk with you about it!

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Downtown Denver Bar Video Production

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