Here’s a Facebook Ad Strategy for BIG TIME Results

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at 2017.07.05

Here is a Facebook ads plan that if you're not yet using it in your business, you are missing a big chance…

I've helped many small businesses with Facebook Advertising that were just dipping their feet into the water, and not taking full advantage of Facebook Ads the way so many don't – because they don't know the capabilities. I want to share 3 hints for how you also can utilize this strategy in your small business.

Hint #1: Retarget your ads to people who visit your sales page but don't purchase.
(You may also do this to people who visit your opt-in or registration page but don't follow through on choosing in or registering).

Here's how you put this up…

Make sure you've put the Facebook pixel in your sales page along with your “thank you for buying” page.
Produce the retargeting audiences for each of these pages.

When setting up your ads, use the Custom Audiences segment to INCLUDE your sales page audience but EXCLUDE your thank you page viewers.
What this does is it sets your targeting up to reveal your ads only to individuals who visited your earnings page but did not purchase.

This is super strong because those men and women who visited your sales page were interested enough in your product/service to wish to find out more but did not really pull the trigger.

Just because they didn't purchase, though, does not mean they are not interested. They could have gotten distracted by the telephone, their child crying, a text message, whatever… and until they know your sales page is buried amongst all the other tabs that they have available in their own browser.

That is why retargeting them with a new advertisement is indeed powerful. The idea is to get them back to your sales page so that they'll buy.

And here is where the ninja part comes in…

Testimonials are super effective to have in your ads because it adds social credibility and proof to both you and your product/service.

In addition, it allows your intended audience, who you are retargeting, to hear how much you have helped people just like them.

You're creating a relationship with your target audience so that they think: “If that person can do this, I'm sure it'll help me”

Here's an example of a testimonial video I used:

People loved this ad. I got a ton of messages and comments from folks saying how smart it was.

I loved it also since it functioned.

I examined video testimonial advertisements again with this launch and it worked like a charm.

When you've got video testimonials from some of your customers, edit them in to bite-sized soundbites and string them together to make a video reviews ad. Apps such as Screenflow (Mac) or Camtasia (PC) make this easy to do.

The ad I ran featured 5 movie clips from people I've worked with and was fast and to the stage — just about 2:30 minutes long.

People must hear (and see) from a number of my clients about their experience and success with working with me.

Video is so great as it enables people to join on such a different level than state, a typical image ad.

If you do not have any movie testimonials, attempt to find some!

Not only are they excellent for your Facebook ads, but they can be a great credibility increase to your site or sales page.

I am sure customers you've helped would be glad to record a quick movie with their webcam.

Do not overcomplicate it…
Observing this retargeting strategy, I left 10x exactly what I spent on the advertisements. I will take that kind of ROI all day long.

Therefore, if you are not yet using this simple strategy in your small business, start testing now.

If you have used this strategy before, how did it operate? Do you have any success stories? Share in the Remarks below.

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Here’s a Facebook Ad Strategy for BIG TIME Results

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