My Review: The Oura Ring


If you’re reading this post, you’ve more than likely never heard of the Oura Ring.

In summary. The Oura Ring helps you track your sleep better. But, it does so much more than that…

Sleep Score over the 2nd half of 2019.

The Oura Ring goes around one of your fingers. Most people wear it like a wedding ring. This is one of the main differentiators of this from other fitness tracking devices, like the Fitbit, Garmin devices, or any other wearables.

By measuring blood volume pulse directly from the palmar arteries of the finger, it is said to not only get more accurate readings than other methods but be less obtrusive in doing so also.

I must admit, I forget I’m wearing mine nowadays and very much used to it being on.

Oura Ring

So, what information does Oura give you?

Oura gives you a “score” in three main areas of the app.

  • Sleep Score
  • Readiness Score
  • Activity Score
Sleep Score
Readiness Score
Activity Score

And, what do you actually do with this Data?

For one, even if I didn’t do anything with the data I would want it…I’m a data nerd 🤓.

But I really enjoy knowing how “efficient” my sleep is. And, there really is a correlation to working out and sleeping better – I’ve found.

Not that I didn’t know it, but I’m starting to find out just how much working out is right for me – to do just enough in order to sleep more efficiently.

I’ve found that I get a sleep score in the 80s (What I try and shoot for each night) when I’ve worked out 90 mins each day. Remember, sleeping “more” doesn’t always mean you are being efficient.

Here are some of the details that I find fascinating about my sleep 👇🏻

Sleep Dimension Points
Readiness Dimension Points
Activity Dimension Points

Here are some initial questions Oura asks you when setting it up for the first time.

Oura – Getting Started
Oura – Setting Goals
Oura – Setup

And here are some more screenshots from inside the Oura App (what you use to see your data).

Readiness Score of 64 – Going Easy Today…
It was an ok night of sleep, be I always shoot for 80 or above!
I can even view my sleep stages!
Sometimes I go to bed too late…
Resting Heart Rate Breakdown

Hopefully, you found this post informative and interesting on how thorough and complete the Oura Ring is as a fitness/sleep/wearable tracking device.

I use mine every day and also find the battery life is really great. I can go a week without charging it. 😳

Do you have an Oura Ring? If not, will you get one now? 😉

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