Product Review : Mobile Studio Stick

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at 2017.12.31

Product Review of Mobile Studio Stick:

Video Transcription

Hey, my name is Ryan, and I'm in my co-working space at We Work Union Station, and today I want to show you a tool that allowed me and my clients to make videos ten times faster and easier with a tool called the Mobile Studio Stick.

How to Use Mobile Studio Stick

I'm gonna show you just how it works in just a short amount of time. So this is a really helpful tool for content creation, and the content medium we're taking about is video.  And it is with the tool that we all have in our pockets everyday. It's the phone.  And as you can see, this Mobile Studio Stick, which acts as a mono-pod, has a clamp, which is probably one of the most useful features of it is it can clamp onto virtually anything.

You can bring it up to eye level here.  And I'm just gonna go ahead and put my phone in there right now to show you just how it works.  So again, bring it up to eye level, raise it up and down as you need to.  You can adjust this left or right to even put it into portrait mode.  So adjust it as you want. Raise it up a bit, get it eye level.

Get it just right, and you're good to go talking about whatever it is you do in the world if you have a product or service.  So after that, we can also take it one step further and we can take it on the road with us as well, too.  So I'm gonna show you how you can bring this down.

And I love this actually for travel as well, too.  It makes it super easy to pack away in your suitcase, you're going on a little bit of a trip you can bring it with.  You can use this as a weapon if they disallow guns someday.

So many helpful tools that I want to show you just how, you know, this is really designed to focus more on the content creation side of things and what you're talking about than how to do that. This makes it so easy, and so I'm just tightening this up here.

And now this is ready to go, say on your car visor. Isn't that easy to just put on your car visor and to have this right in your face so you can keep jamming on whatever you are talking about?  I think it totally is.

And I think everyone should have one of these to talk more about what they do in the world and to make video content creation a snap.

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Product Review : Mobile Studio Stick

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