Why Everyone Should Use TextExpander


Are you someone to take 2 steps backward in order to take 5 forward? I feel like most people would say “yes” there.

However, I think most get stuck in either the execution phase (most often) and then some will not move forward because of being frugal with expenses. 

The execution: With TextExpander, it isn’t hard. I’ll even show some helpful screenshots and GIFs on the setup – and downloads to import so you start off with them done already. 

The cost: TextExpander isn’t expensive. It really comes down to what you value your time at. 

So, why use TextExpander? 🤔

We all know it saves you time at this point, but how? The main way is by not typing things over and over again in a repetitive way. If you do, you should create a “snippet” in TextExpander terms.

What that snippet then does is expand into the full word, sentence, address, date, piece of code, etc (whatever you want) that you want to set up and not type repetitively. 

The snippets that everyone should have ✅

Email address snippets. 
If you’re like me, you have multiple email addresses. Whether you’re signing up for a new account, re-logging back into G Suite, etc I use these snippets all the time.  

Date and time snippets
I just have one date snippet I use that puts the date, month, and year in the format that I like to use. This is also apart of other snippets I use – as with each new Google Doc, Sheet, etc I put a date at the end of document so I know when I created it. 

Some extras that I use (if you are “techy”)

Code Snippets
I have several of these, mainly for working in Google Tag Manager and the measurement setups that Elevated Conversions does for clients. 
I have a cookie snippet: 

A JavaScript snippet: 

A Cookie snippet: 


Email templates/canned responses
Depending on what you do, and if you’re in sales and spend a lot of time emailing, this could be very helpful for you. 

I know some applications, including good old Gmail has “templates” you can use. However, I find not having to move your mouse and just using your keyboard to open up a snippet (just like a template in gmail) would be easier. Also, you can use variables aka macros that you might have – like, the name of the person you are emailing on your clipboard – which, could automatically fill in all the parts where you would reference their name.

What Is and Choosing Your Delimiter

The delimiter is what is your “constant” to start your keyword that will open up your snippet. I use the “;” as it is a character that I rarely use in my regular typing. And, the semicolon comes directly before the character to complete the keyword. 

Some Examples 👀

Here is an example: 

☝🏻 That would open up 12.25.19 – today’s date. 


☝🏻 This would open up: https://calendly.com/ryanlevander – my main calendar booking.

You get the idea.  😉

P.S. I even have Emojis (people think I use love to use Emojis…but really, I just picked a few that I keep using and created rich text snippets for them. MUCH faster than opening up the Mac emoji keyboard selector 😉

TextExpander even sends you a monthly report of how much time you have saved from using their program. (Not sure how exactly they would calculate the time it takes someone to type something…but I’m guessing they use an average typing speed for the number of characters used..?)

I first heard about TextExpander from the Mac Power Users Show – which is lead by David Sparks. His website has some great TextExpander snippets you can download straight from this page and import into your TextExpander account. 

I’m in no way affiliated with TextExpander. No did they pay me to write this post. I’ve just been an avid user for the last 5+ years and I think everyone should save time by using this great tool. 

Here are a bunch of email templates you can down and install to use right away 💪🏻

Download here

How to import into your TextExpander Account 👇🏻

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