My Morning Walking Route: Downtown Denver


Smart people walk. I want to be smart. Therefore, I walk.

I recently decided I was going to start taking up long-distance running again. Like, marathons and stuff 😳.

No, I’m not having a quarter-life crisis (that I know of). In fact, I have been running most of my life.

I took some time off for the last 3 years. For no good reason besides re-prioritization and changing of pace feels good/is important. Fartlek, in Scandinavian running terms (aka “Speed Play”).

In order to condition my legs for long-distance running (Ultras eventually), I want to get my bones, muscles, ligaments, etc used to the repetition I’ll be putting them through.

So, I’m taking one step at a time (pun intended)…

…More on the running stuff – and plans fairly soon (I’m going to spend some time looking at races tonight – I like to signup for something really early, to then have something to aim for).

Here are some photos from my new favorite talking route (which includes a stop at Kaffe Landskap:

Walkway over the Platte River Stars by the Platte River Bridge View of Commons Park West and Downtown Denver Commons Park West, Downtown Denver, and Platte River Platte River Walking Path - North Side Bridge over the Platte River Platte River rapids View of Rockies and bridges of Platte River WeWatta Street, by Colorado Rockies Stadium Colorado Rockies Stadium Kaffe Landskap Coffee Shop by Union Station Amazing food at Kaffe Landskap Kaffe Landskap Union Station Triangle Building Reflection (my old WeWork Space) Museum of Contemporary Art on 15th Street Plenty of Alternative Transportation in Denver Commons Park Ducks in the Platte River Platte River and Denver Skyline Commons Park West Apartments (ours is Second floor, corner room) REI and Platte Riverfront across the street from us

Here is a video of the beautiful Platte River just a quarter mile away from our apartment:

Oh, and if you are interested in the best sunglasses for full-face protection in the Colorado sun, the Roka SL 1X’s are really great

Roka SL 1Xs

Cheers – more soon!

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Roka SL 1X's - Sunglasses I love for full-face protection
Check Them Out Here

KAFFE LANDSKAP - Coffee Shop and Swedish Bakery location right next to Union Station.
Check Them Out Here