What Is Ryan Working On?

What Is Keeping Me Busy These Days:

Internet Alchemy

I play several roles for Internet Alchemy. Primarily, I focus on Data + Analytics, Optimization + Testing.   I am leading a big charge to "clean up" our analytic accounts to make sure they are as filtered as possible so we can start trusting our data a lot more. Setting KPIs, creating custom segments, channels, UTM parameter tracking, etc.   That is paired with data analysis, too. Most savvy Digital Marketers can aggregate the data, the valued part comes in with the analysis and action part. I'll be working on the Funnels, Lead Generation, Gamification, and LaunchCon 2018 projects in the upcoming future.

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Prestige Dodge

I've been the on staff Digital Marketer for Prestige for the past 4 years now. I've grown my skills and learned a ton about the Automotive industry as a result. My job has been challenged by other marketing agencies, consultants, and SAAS products and I've always found ways to make myself invaluable to the company. It's been both a very challenging and very rewarding experience for me.

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Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing partners with environmentally conscious businesses to achieve sustainable marketing results. We focus on data-driven marketing, which leads to a sustainable businesses model. Also, a percentage of the profits are donated to an environmentally conscious organization of the client's choice.

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Rednavel Consulting

Rednavel Consulting is years and years in the making. I've been a Digital Marketing for almost a decade, which might not sound like a lot, but I'm a fan of the quality of years over the quantity – just like with almost anything in life. Through countless courses, masterminds, clients, and aways staying up to date with the latest and greatest tools. I'm putting a ribbon on top and selling all this as package. www.rednavel.io for more information on what that consists of!

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Elevated Conversions

Elevated Conversions helps medium to large sized Small Businesses and Corporations with Digital Marketing decisions, focused rooted in data and analytics. We'll help businesses answer questions like, "How much does a customer cost me?" "What is the Lifetime Customer Value?" and "How much should I spend on AdWords before I hit diminishing returns?" These aren't easy questions, but they are critical to the sustainability of a business at any stage.

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